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Focusing Forward - iii

At iiiDating, we believe that you are your best matchmaker.
We want to assist you in finding a relationship that surpasses happiness and delivers fulfillment.
Our clients are looking for a more effective and real way to meet other quality singles.
By becoming a member of our exclusive dating website you have the opportunity to meet other individuals who have received the same relationship success training that you have. Another option is meeting other members at our Mixers hosted by Focusing Forward at different upscale locations bimonthly.
With the education that participants receive in our workshops, they are better prepared to know what it is that they are looking for and are more capable of attaining it.
Professional pictures are taken at the completion of the “Edudating” workshop which gives our members the added security that the information they are receiving about potential partners is current.
You also have the additional assistance of a Certified Life & Relationship Coach to answer any questions that arise on your quest for the relationship you deserve.
We do not guarantee that you won’t meet a lemon on our website, we are just stating that the probability is minimal. </Node>


Members are required to complete 2 four-hour workshops a week apart and then attend a graduation mixer. This workshop consists mainly of the Relationship Coaching Program called R.E.S.T. (Relationship Success Training). Within each workshop we also incorporate the 16 personality types from the book “What Type Am I” and a section on communication.
Clients receive:
• The R.E.S.T. Workbook
• The Book, “What Type Am I?”
• “The Communication Map” created by the Relationship Coaching Institute.
• Food (either lunch or appetizers)
• A digital picture to be posted on their website profile
• The option to contact the Certified Life & Relationship Coach up to 5 times a month via email with any questions pertaining to relationships and dating.
• The option to attend Bimonthly Mixers


This is an Exclusive website that is only accessible by its members. You do not have to worry about your picture or information being available to anyone who has not qualified for the website. On our website, you are your own matchmaker. You determine what your search criteria is and contact those people that you would like to know better. You must be proactive in your search in order to attain the relationship you deserve.

One-on-One Coaching:
This type of coaching session is for the individual who prefers the personal and complete attention of the dating strategy coach. It is for that person who requires having an open line of communication with a purposeful willingness to take the objective view of a trained professional and apply the new strategies of dating success into their everyday pursuits. The accountability of each session and consequent emails only reinforce their commitment and drive to utilize the educational tools gained from each coaching session.

Group Coaching:
Sessions are a combination of coaching and in-depth workshops, not like the ones offered below. The size of the group sessions are anywhere from 5 to 8 individuals of the same approximate age. They can be co-ed or gender based. The type of individual who registers for these sessions learns better in groups then individually. They look forward to the support and guidance of others, as well as the coach, to attain the same goal. A minimum of 3 sessions is required.


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Call this number and reserve an appointment with the coach.
TEL.: (727) 443 4919

We are Located in Clearwater Florida